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Shahbaz Estate Developers (Pvt) Ltd was establish in Lahore by Malik Shahbaz Ali Khokhar to cater to local real estate development services for the still very nascent real estate market of Lahore. In 1992, with very humble beginnings, Shahbaz Estate Developers (Pvt) Ltd opened its first office in Lahore. Malik Shahbaz Ali Khokhar, through his determination, persistence and enthusiasm nartured Shahbaz Estate Developers (Pvt) Ltd and turned Shahbaz Estate Developers (Pvt) Ltd into what it is today. Due to his hard work and commitment Shahbaz Estate Developers (Pvt) Ltd have grown up to become one of the most recognizable name in Lahore real estate market. Today, Shahbaz Estate Developers (Pvt) Ltd have prospered and currently operates thirteen offices throughout Pakistan with a sales staff of approximately 60 personal.

In addition to serving the real estate market, Malik Shahbaz Ali Khokhar has also established a strong foothold in the development sector. Currently Shahbaz Estate Developers (Pvt) Ltd is registered in C-2 Category with the Pakistan Engineering Council. Shabbaz Estate Developers is also enlisted with Lahore Development Authority (LDA), Traffic Engineering and Planning Authority (TEPA) and Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO). Shahbaz Estate Developers (Pvt) Ltd has worked both in the public and private sector. Shahbaz Etate Developers (Pvt) Ltd has extensive expertise in land development, building roads, public infrastructure and development of both commercial and residential projects. We employ a broad range of experienced staff ranging from architects, designers and project managers.

Shahbaz Estate About Us
Founder & CEO

CEO Shahbaz Estate

Malik Shahbaz Ali Khokhar was born to a middle class family in Lahore. Although born to modest family with farming background, he from a very early age was devoted to break away from his traditional family occupation and excel in the business world and make a name for himself. Even while studying, he started to work part-time in the field of real state. After obtaining his L.L.B Degree in 1992 from Punjab University he committed himself to real estate business full-time and laid the foundation of Shahbaz Estate Developers (Pvt) Ltd. Malik Shahbaz Ali Khokhar has earned a good reputation for himself. He believes that Allah has showered his blessings upon him and he feels the urge to serve His mankind. He helps others whenever he can. 

This has earned him the goodwill of the people. He is very active and socially supportive. His legal background and experience in real estate gives him extraordinary knowledge of issues and technicalities of real estate matters. In 2011 he contested and won the elections for the seat of General Secretary for Iqbal Avenue Cooperative Housing Society, Lahore. His service to the people and resolution of issues that had plagued the Iqbal Avenue Cooperative Housing Society for decades, helped him win his second consecutive term which ended in 2016. After serving two terms for Iqbal Avenue Cooperative Housing Society, Malik Shahbaz Ali Khokhar contested for the seat of President for the Engineers Town Cooperative Housing Society in 2019. He is currently serving his second consecutive term as the President of Engineers Town Cooperative Housing Society, Lahore.


Malik Shahbaz Ali Khokhar is the CEO of Shahbaz Estate Developers. He build a company whose vision is to be the realtor & developer of choice for clients by delivering added value through quality and sustainibility.

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